March 8, 2009

I'm not pissed off. I feel blessed.

I'm so motivated to do something if I know what to do about that something. Vice versa.

I'll be happy if I know what to write for my term paper if I know well about particular topic.

I'll be happy if I get a new digicam to replace my broken-lense digicam.

I'll be happy if I know where to eat during my lunch hour and not so happy if I've planned earlier not to eat rice but in the end of the day the most thing I eat is, rice.

I'm so motivated to exercise if I know the right way to do it so i could lose 5kgs in a month.

The main word here is, the need. If we know what we need and know what to do in order to cater needs, we will be happier.

Are u aware of ur own needs as;
1. a man/woman?
2. a son/daughter?
3. a father/mother (if u'r married)?
4. a student?
5. a teacher?
6. a boyfriend/girlfriend (apply to ur own term)?
7. a consumer?
8. a citizen?
9. a friend?

Are you aware? are you? are you? are you?

I'm driven away with my 2nd thought paper about adult learners' needs. I'm so motivated now to write the paper because I don't want a "you have unfortunately handed in a piece of work that needs substantial editing" kind of comment from my 1st thought paper to be on my 2nd thought
paper! The comment was the best comment ever though because I'm now MORE aware of my academic writing (i hate academic writing). Thanks to Prof Haz.

Now I need to complete my thought paper and do substantial editing and stop writing in here.

Your need is your life! (wah mcm slogan insurance agency)

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