March 30, 2009

Hot Springy-wingy!

It was a fun day, complete with everything one could ask for. Rejuvenating and relaxation! It was like 4years ago since we could really gather and had fun fun funny together!
(Ini ialah cerite bergamba, gmba yg byk.hee!)

Welcome to HotSpring Sg. Klah, Slim River, Perak

w e l c o m e !

kami sgt gmbire! villa itu sgt cantek!

jacuzzi woozy-best mand dlm ni!wajah kegusaran ajiq. die rase ade monster akn klua disebalik bubbles jacuzzi!
warning: don't let ur kids watch too much TV (to be specific: Ultraman)

the main attraction-sotong hodoh. Ajiq was totally freaked out seeing the sotong.haihh

sesuaikn kalu dieorg tros stay cmtu jadi maskot rebus telor.huhu

aku diherdik oleh org yg jage tmpt ni-"haip jgn celop2 kaki! pnass tu!" huh, xpnasss pon!

walk for bfast!


rebussss telor!

extremely hot! hehe

went home half-heartedly

we plan to stay longer on our next visit. Sape2 da bsn dgn keje jmpotla dtg cni. Satisfaction guaranteed:)


p/s: I brought Jmal along and because of "him" i got all those tons of pix! syg Jmal! hihihik.


[et] said...

i was there last raya! sgt seronok kan! mmg best g ngan family!
but we didnt get the villa sbb dh fully raye pon blh fully book!

i love the sotong place the most, terujaa..haha

pjOyrawks said...

haha!!! trujaaa jgk! xsangke dlm ldg2 klape sawet ade tmpt cmtu kn! owh sgt terujaa