February 21, 2009

Sunday in my room.

I need a busy life. Being busy by doing things I am so in love with. Being busy and not even complain about it. Being busy and enjoy being so. Being busy and satisfied and the same time. Not being xbsyukur or whatever but I need a busy happy life.

I can't wait to finish my master and being in different situation than what I am right now. I can't wait! I love and hate teaching. Being a teacher can either make u feel so brilliant or so dumb. Sometimes it happens at the same time.

At this moment, I'm not sure whether teaching is my greatest passion. There's sumthing else. Somewhere.

We may stress out about our work but lets be thankful that we still have a life to live with. house to go home, foods in our tummy and our loved ones by our side (literally and not literally). Trying my best to swallow this. *gulp*

Tips: If u r so bored, try to imitate OK GO's "here it goes again" and "a million ways" dance step. Make sure u have other three people to make it possible. It is enjoyable plus u can have an exercise at the same time. Wink!

"Ibu jom peg OU!"


w4w4 said...

teaching = love hate relationship la kirenye? hahaha

pjOyrawks said...