February 14, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical is Incredible!

Everybody is talking about it.Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical is freaking awesome! had one of the best chances in my life to watch dis musical. Thanks to Dr. Shireena our Literature lecturer. Another thanks bcos it's fweeeee!

I don't think i could ever describe the awesomeness of the theater. It's so perfectly done. From the main actor and actress to the minor roles even to those guys who pushed the props here and there on the stage- they were so awesome! The view was quite disappointing, yes our free ticket seating is at the upper circle but still!! awesome! Hang Tuah (Stephen Rahman Hughes) has the best voice ever, powerful singer he is. and of course indeed charming. I heard for the 1st season he couldn't really besilat but what i know yesterday, the besilat part was the most suave part ever! Drooling~~ hee! Believe me u dun even want to blink ur eyes! not even once. huhu! ok dats it.

We were lucky all the casts were the original actors because one of the lastweek's show, Adipati's role (Ac Mizal) was subbed by other actor. Dat wouldn't be cool. But honestly i'm not so into musical thingy bcos I found it quite inappropriate at certain time. Singing while you are mad? not really awesome. There was one time when Adipati was so mad and talking about war and suddenly he stop yelling and start to sing! well, it's musical!! I had to remind myself every time. But when Hang Tuah and Gusti Putri sang beautifully on top of the "gunung", then it was so heart-melting moment. I was totally in awe. I wish i kud capture the scene but no cammy is allowed.

I wish the night would never end. I think all Malaysians should watch this theater. Watch and flaunt about it.

Check out how Adlin Aman Ramli danced! Reminds me of "Gang Kapak" from Kungfu Hustle! haha!

Now i have to write a term paper about this.Nice!


w4w4 said...

they wont give u anything for FREE ok...? ye la its free but not FREE...haha..so buat assignment sekrg...jgn berlengah...=P

pjOyrawks said...

it's free! it's free! hehe