January 4, 2009


I'm not saying i dislike Literature but i had a bad experience with Literature. To not be able to interpret something from a poem and had a totally different answer, waaaay different from others would be too embarrassing and frustrating. Dat's why I decided not to take literature as a minor subject during my bachelor degree and wud rather to read the thick "scary" books of counseling! But know the subject keep haunting me!

Learning Literature for my master is not a looking-forward kinda thing. but having Dr. Shireena to teach the subject is a kewl thinG! Lastweek was the very first class for this second semester and she is sooooo kewl and laugh a lot. That is so important to reduce my anxiety! Sharing with us one of her fav poem-Ithaka (by Cavafy,1894) wow look at the year. mane dieorg korek the old poem eyh? Ithaka tells about hope,dreams and life. The journey to our dreams that matters. It was quite interesting to represent the obstacles/negative events in life as "Laistrygonians, Cylops and Poseidon" = they are all monsters!

"As you set out for Ithaka
Hope your road is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery,
Laistrygonians, Cylops, angry Poseidon-don't be afraid of them:
you'll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement stirs your spirit and your body" (excerpt from Ithaka, C.P. Cavafy)

just wanna share;)

I have to think 1 poem that inspire me and give some personal reasons for choosing dat poem. Well my problem is-i dun have one! A poem has never inspired me before.sigh~~~~~~
okla mayb i just take A Road not Taken or the candle poem for Form1 students tu kan? haihh...

The class has just started and I have to read FOUR articles. look at the verb- READ!!!
I have set my Ithaka for dis yer and hopefully no monsters will appear on my way there.

wish me luck;) later~

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