January 16, 2009

Feel like writing and sleeping

There's one creature in my office who is over-concernd and keep asking me, "xpnat ke lpas keje peg blaja plak?" "xpnat ke berulang alik ari2?" "xpnat ke nk blaja plak lpas keje?" then aku plak tny die,"xpnat ke ari2 tny soklan tu je?" aku blom tnyla tp mngkin akn tny kalu die tros mnanye! haihh kak, mmgla pnat. kte phmkan kalu org tny tu maknenye org tu concern tp u shud listen to that person's intonation. i wish there's a software yg leh msokkn intonation in writing. tade eyh?

Well it is tiring keje n blaja..aku bkn superhuman.tp da dkat 7bln blaja ni aku da xbrape focus rase pnat tu, i wud say "it's ok to be tired" or "it's normal to be tired" i am mentally ready for that.wpon kdg2 aku btol2 rase pnat n kne gak ckp pnat n dude kne dgr kelohan hatiku.kn dude kn?

slaen aku gnap 25thn on last wed, aku juge suda gnap setahon kt ptpl.i started working there on my bday lastyer.sweet kn? guh! it's not impossible kalu aku bckp lagi psal kegenapan aku bkeje kt ptpl ni nextyer! wpon rmai yg xbstuju.aku pon bkn kontrak lg tp da jadi permanent staff. OMG! am i??

aku xske nk mrungut. org kate dun take things seriously. ya rite! cmne blagak cool pon kte mest nk pkir gk kan. so that phrase doesn't work on me. Life is so shortla to be so structured and regret about everything. We shud take time and inhale life as it is. Just like what Dr.Shireena said in Literature class today-take time to smell your tyre! i never ever think of dat bfore!

it's friday and still i have to go bed early.why? bcos tomorow i'm still working!!!

maybe i shud start smelling my tyre tomorow.



heliocentrism said...

Hey there gal,

Happy belated birthday. Hope its not too late. cute twins btw..

It does feel good right to focus on something else other than spending hours at work, regardless how tired they make you feel. So hang in there okay. If let say that kepochi akak still asks you the same ol question, debik je skali.. hahaha

And yeah, send my regards to your dude. Auw!

pjOyrawks said...

thanks heliocentrism! will send regards to my dude.auw to u back! hikhik