October 28, 2008

i am free

i long to write in here but just cant find the time to do so.why? well i have to (sounds so tpakse) finish up my three precious of 40% asgments and now i'm done! and also done for the first semester! yay! no final exam for M.ED tesl. another yay! how does it feel to work and study at the same time? asked my fellow opismate.. hmm i wud say ok la...there was a hard time la, the rest i kinda enjoy it (frankliest).how i wish the last asgment for this semester wud be the last n final asgment for the whole semester! so i am "free" from going to classes, citing here n there, do presentation and be so academically in the class (for the time being). sy rase bley bnapas skang...

i think i'm getting fat not so skinny anymore.i gain weight.a lot.i think..err...it bothers me a lot! this is not my body! help! help! i know i need a serious intensive exercise.huhu.when was the last time i had my exercise? ages ago!!

da la no more writing.jd emotional plak..isk2..went to angah (ira's sister) wedding kt smban last sat.picture of evidence as follow:

tcare evryone.ta~

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