August 3, 2008

the weekenders

Finally my sis in law dpt bukak her own bakery! Last saturday br launch and now it has officially opened for public. disini sy mngambil ksmpatan untuk mem-promote the bakery.hehe.. located 5mins from dcurve at PJU 7/16 mutiara dmansara..all kinds of buns,cakes,muffin,cookies,pastry are all in here! do come ok!

ARABI Bakery (arabi is her name:)

all-time fav choc muffin!

ape ntah name puff sgt sdap! (mcm photographer pro x?) hikhik

as a prezzie for her new bakery i bought the cookie jar and the ice-cream cone was from pya

ok, done promoting! hee! korang pusing2 dcurve tu jmpotla dtg bakery ni:D and today we had a lil clbration anniversary ibuabah the 35th! initially ibu decided to cook nasi ayam and we were all like..NO!! bkn sbb ibu msak xsdap tp xperlula bsusahpyah dhari yg bhagia ini.huhu.. so we dragged ibuabah to great eastern mall KL and mkn kt COZY HOUSE.we had all types of scrumptious seafood! sgt2 sdap! isk..naek lg la berat aku.ala bkn slalu kn! huhu..mkn seafood dgn jumlah ahli kluarge 11 dewase dan 8 knak2 korang kirela brape bill mkn kt ctu.hehe.. tp sgt puas ati plus dpt bkanje ibuabah n make them feel really happyXD!!!

cozy woozy

to my beloved ibu n abah..HAPPY 35TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!
thankq for every single things:) me so proud to have such a great parents like both u!
syg ibu! syg abah!

ok syg suda pnat letak gmba.. sok senin,,more pleasant pressure to come.have a gudday everyone!

to my dude, me missing u like hell!!! :(


Kak Y said...

Hellooo...kak y lalu dpn bakery tu tau on saturday...n ade canopy dpn outlet. Haihh..din know that u were there....

pjOyrawks said...

lorhhh yeke??? least noww u noe where the bakery at kn! hehe.. nextime lalu lg msg tau! jgnla lalu je..msokla dlm.hehe