May 19, 2008

Happy 4th Year (i tot 5th) Bday Rafique!

last sunday we had a birthday party for RAFIQUE at Taman Hutan Rimba, Kota Dmnsara (there is no hutan or rimba pon). my bro's son had turn to 4 dis yer.. time flies.real fast.we had lotsa fun! fun! there was a clown! n poor the little clown.. almost every kids scared of him! hehe... his look was not dat scary la but still white face n red nose is so not normal to all those lil kids! one of the kids even shouted histerically .."tak lawa! tak lawa!" hehe.. and of kos my sista in law, rafique's mom cooked so many scrumptious food! spaghetti, ol sorts of pastry, kapkeks! my fav! even ns lemak.. gluttoness! me n my kaz plus pya handled the games for the kids.. since there were not many kids so we couldn't really played the games according to what we've planned:( BUT!! luckily all the parents were so kewl n we had the typical party games-musical chair! and of kos.. tiup belon smpai pecah! a must! and finally a dance performance by my 2 saiko nieces, aisyah n mira (rafique's sisters) they danced to Weezer-Buddy holly. Everybody liked it! and yes we've been practising since last month, not particularly for this even la, we just reka2 for fun n turned it into a kewl performance on dat day! but towards the end of the dance Aisyah started to cry! she said everybody laughed at her.. hehe.. people laughed bcos they enjoyed it my dear..

done time!

the cupcakes cum the bday cake

my bro's family

rafique didn't really know how to react! hehe

we love d ballons! thanks to mista clown;;)

owh i look so cacat in here

ok2.. dats more pics.hee!
hmm been missing my dude a lot! wiSh u were here... now:(

the dance!!


extra terrestrial ^_~ said...

waahhh,bday party sgt meriah.
ur nieces dance to weezer?
wow,hebat2 kids these days..(tgk makcek la kan..ahahhaha)

pjOyrawks said...

hehe.. they really love the song!