January 20, 2008

smbotan arijadi scare kecil2lan bsame ahli kluarge;)

As promised by ibu we had a small bday clbration yesterday.. Jan its for me, Bae my big bro and our lovely twins Dina & Rina :) ksya bought choc banana instead of choc indgence..sbb? sec rcipe kt sg buloh sengal! time aku nk da abes! me still love d cake though;) prezzie? kakak bought me a beautiful green baju kurung and ksya n my 2nd bro bought me a glittering silver shoe! i love both but both are in the wrong size! haha! "s" is not my size for a bj kurung and 7 1/2 is way too big for my feet my dear sis n sista in law... hehe.. xpe2,still me thankd them for the prezzie ;D later dat evening me n my kazen went straight to ikano to change the shoe @ padini outlet store, sadly the shoe was out of stock.tp leh book! so me bookd kt sg wang n ksya will pick it up 2morow! hee! so instead of getting the rite size for d shoes i ended up bought a skirt kt dcure flea market.opps! hehe.. ibuabah lom bg prezzie sbb prezzie tu kne amek sndiri kt kdai.cant wait! mira ecah gave me a nekclace.awwhhh.. sgt besar tp aku ske sbb kalerful plus given by my lovely nieces kan sure la love it:)

choc indg.. eyh choc banana.thx 2 my bro, i love the "rock on!" owhyeah!!

i love dis shoes;) (the correct size!)

owh it has been 3weeks now.. kjap je,da dkt sbulan keje kt ptpl yg sempit tu.. aku cm pening2 sket system intake kt ctu..dlm klas studnts campor2 from diffrnt courses n bile nk key in marks pening nk carik name bdk2 ni..dieorg tak ikot semester tp intake form 3 diffrent months..pastu.. hmm nape aku cte bnde ni kt cni.xpayah cte kot.. isk

dis fri ptpt will b having an annual dinner.theme? denim n diamonds! ahahahak!!! ok xmo gelak da...huhu.kne carik bling2 neh! :D

dats it for now.owh 1 more thing..i think i'm getting fatter!

hv a gudday everyone.tah~~


Kak Y said...

Dey tambi, mane ade fatter...illusion je. Slimmer DEFINITELY!

pjOyrawks said...

owh sunggoh optimistik kak y ini! hehe.. yup2..mane ade fatter..huhu