December 29, 2007

dyslexia kah aisyah?

hav ingdys lexiac anmake it hardtoread!!

Writing that looks just fine to you might look like that to someone who has dyslexia (say: dis-leek-see-uh).having difficulty? then u need to see the speech therapist!! One of my nieces, Aisyah might having this problem. Might.. meaning mayb yes or mayb no. Dyslexia is a learning problem some kids have with reading and writing. It can make words look jumbled. This makes it difficult for a kid to read and remember what was read. Well Aisyah has that similar problem. she has problem to differentiate between the letter P and B, G and J, M and N.and also with the vowels! name me all the methods required to teach a 5 year old kid... All done! few helped la but most of it was a failure..ade gak try to apply ape yg da blaja dlm phonetic n phonology dulu (poyo sket aa),lukes2 gamba hurup tp resultnye still kurang memuaskan.So here are some of the dyslexia-detection-moment:

me: aisyah..eja JAM
Aisayh: J-A-M
me: ape bunyiknye?
Aisayh: JUM!
me: ARKKK!!!!

mira (aisyah's sis.7years old): aisyah eja IMAM
Asyah: I-M-A-N... IMAM!
mira: opahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (mntak bntuan ibuku smbil berlari ksedihan)

opah (ibuku): Aisyah.. eja BATU
Aisyah (smbil refer pade ejaan itu di dlm buku): P-A...
opah (dlm keadaan sabar): bukan P.. sebot.. BA....TU
Aisayh: P..P..P..P..
opah: BA aisayh.. BA..
Aisyah: (hanye multnye yg tkumat kamit..xtau nk sebot B tu cmne..)
opah: ape salah opah aisyah.. T_T
(Aisyah da knal ABC very well, die xingat je bile disuruh eja)

..and byk lagi.. klaka pon ade dyslexia kah Aisyah?? these weren't happend once or twice but almost everytime when we try to teach her.. yes, a lot of patient.. i mean A LOT! is needed and i'm afraid we dun have that much patient.. so those yg xtahan nak ajar will pass her to those yg sabar nk ajar.. until none of us kud even sabar lagi.isk2.. poor Aisyah.kdg2 pkir..mayb it's not dat critical la as she is only 5 but it cant b the alasan to say.. "owh dats ok,she'll b gud later."my mom hate dat statement! haha! owh another 1, she read a text about this Pak Abu.. after 2-3 sentences the name of "Pak Abu" has changed to Pak Ali!! arkkk?? she created a new name just because she cant actually recall what is the word A-B-U shud b pronounce as!

so is she having one or not.. we can't really say it la,she has another 1 year before msok dajah1 in 2009.hopefully there will b a lot of improvement by nextyer.. all that she needs is a great support and dats what we will give her.

Aisyah yg kt tgh itu

Dyslexia is not sumthing cacat.. in fact they r actually very smart n brilliant in certain field.albert enstein was dyslexic and tom cruise juge! mayb 1 day Aisyah will b a great inventor or a kewl angkasawati! haa... who knows!

til next time.hv a gudday everyone:) ta~


irArOx said...

mokk..i must say..aku ske gaya pnulisan mok tok entry ni. especially tang intro tuhh.. bgs! hehehe.. sian aisya.. sabar ye aisyaa..

wawaezwa said...

sian aisyah! ai sedeyh! mok..jgn putus asa!

pjOyrawks said...

@ mok: haha!! thanks! bpeloh2 i nk pkir wat entry tu:P

@wamok: xkan ku biarkan asa itu putus! isk.. kalu mok ade care leh tlg sile tampil ke rumah ku ye..

extra terrestrial ^_~ said...

hey,i heard dyslexia baby are actually good at math & creative.
so that's a good thing too..rasenye ako mustafa pon dyslexic.

pjOyrawks said...

owh really? kewlness! Aisyah will b famous 1 day!

Anonymous said...

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