October 10, 2007

r a y a !

its been a month since my last post.sgt amat bz+mlas adalah puncenye! hee.da nk raye! blaja da abes,tgl nk peksa je.. i'm gonna miss the skul so much! ol the saiko fwens,boring classes,kewl lects:( takling bout raye,we r very excited bcos dis yer we will b raye in our new crib! my mom yg plg excited,ibu2 kan..kawn2 nant raye jmpotle dtg umah! more updates afta dis.sum our fav pix.gonna mishu guys!

sahor bsame sesaikos

wawa,me,kama,pya tselit,ira

U8A class of 2007

last cling class (the backbenchers!)


have a great hari raye everyone!;) ta~

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