June 16, 2007

~h a p P y f a t H e r ' S d A y~

sunday morning

dis morning we went jogging seise kluarge.. we had a lil' picnic @ one of the nearest park at dmansara.we werent really jogging actually..as most of d time we just ate,ate n ate! huhu..

ibu wat ns lemak..my sista in law wt spageti!! i'm loving it! mkn 4 pnggan! huaaaaaaa!!! my bro lg trok,joging 2 round mkn 4 round!! pas mkn br joging..ade ke?? ptot a bor-roy!

today is d father's day dats y we decidd to have our bfast kt lua.mcm spesel a sket.. xbg pape pon kt abah just a sweet simple wish:) love my abah so very much indeed!!! best man in d world! mmmuaaahhhxx!!


F A T H E R ' S D A Y

A B A H:))

my abah n my niece ameera (monster!)
dats it for 2day.
d--b : New Friend Request by gym class heroes


irArOx said...

epy fades day abahh!! =D

pjOyrawks said...

abah kate "timekaseh zarina.."