June 27, 2007

~fatigue.i am~

smlm ikot my sista in law bkk stall kek n roti (i'm an entrepreneur now.huhu) kt one of dis karnival thn mlawat msia kot.so damn pnat.pnat smpai rase nk marah org.sronok tp sgt pnat.heeee,slalu duk dpan lappy je..2la psal.isk2..

doing lots of thinking lately.damn i cant even think well.think.thinker.thinkers.thought.i love timbaland's throw it on me!! dgn d hives? kewlness! love the vc 2!!

keep playing:
> hate that i love you - rihanna ft neyo
> rilex - mika (mikaa???) huhu
> Fluorescent Adolescent - arctic monkeys
> Good vibrations - gymclassheroes

i found dis one song-tiade ertinye by nur fatima.so touchy.. dgr lagu tu ms tgk GOL&GENCU d movie.tros ske.n still ske.. dun really care what the song is ol about.haha.i just love d melody..melody? huhu..love d song,love golgencu n love reza n putrrri!

dats it for now.or one more thing.. i'm dying to shoP!!! da mnggeletar tgn ni xg spend duet! huhuhu!

d--b : hate that i love you - rihanna ft neyo

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